Recent Presentations

Personal Mythology, Media Dreams: From Movies to Facebook, How Media Images Impact Our Inner Life (Workshop)

Sanford Rosenberg and Stanley Krippner at International Association for the Study of Dreams conference, June 7, 2014

We live in the Digital Age – Google, YouTube, FaceBook, Gaming, Augmented Reality, Video on Demand. In the future, the goal is to make all movies, television programs, music, images of all kinds from the sublime to the pornographic, available to human beings of all cultures, religions, and language groups worldwide on demand on the Internet, 24/7. That’s all movies and all television shows in all languages available for download 24/7.

Think of it. All of this material, this tidal wave of imagery, will have an impact; and already has had an impact on our sense of self and our inner world, our personal mythology. Research that explores sleep, dreams, post‐traumatic stress, trauma, etc. must include a dimension that looks at media and its impact on our view of ourselves.

Dr. Rosenberg will present a method of exploring this relatinship from a cultural, archetypal standpoint by suggesting some provocative contemporary models and inviting the participants to offer comments; then he will invite them to do some inner-searching to see how they have internalized images from media that have personal meaning. Methods drawn from Dreamwork and Focusing will be utilized.