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Founded by Dr. Sanford Rosenberg (LinkedIn, @drsandyr), Media Research Associates offers state-of-the-art consulting, evaluation and research services, employing current insights from Media Psychology. Our methods of in-depth analysis provide the foundation for making decisions that are crucial to production, development, marketing, branding and investment. Our knowledge-based research system and expertise enables us to provide our clients a thorough assessment of any media project’s ability to tell its story and emotionally engage an audience.

Media Research Associates
provides the following services:


• Mindful Management Consulting and Executive Coaching
• Strategic Planning
• Creative Development
• Social Media Research
• Business Development
• Market Research and Evaluation
• Marketing and Distribution
• Meaning-based Analysis
• Predictive Analytics


Dr. Sanford “Sandy” Rosenberg






I work with people and organizations everyday, understanding their complexities, working with their relationships, and helping to identify their challenges and how to meet them. Working with people in diverse situations has helped me develop unique approaches to solving problems.

Transmedia is the Future

Transmedia, sometimes referred to as the Second Screen, encompasses all aspects of the Entertainment Media universe, including movies, television, the web, mobile, and most importantly, cross-platform advertising. Click Read More for data which will indicate that media content and advertising revenues on all screens are on the upswing. It should be noted that in the US, 80% of all people who watch television are also on another screen.

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Media Projects

Media Research Associates has interest in several projects in development, including movies, TV series, games, transmedia and virtual reality related projects.
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Dancing with the Trickster

This documentary and online community project captures the stories of people who have had potentially life-altering extraordinary experiences.
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Recent Presentations

Personal Mythology, Media Dreams: From Movies to Facebook, How Media Images Impact Our Inner Life (Workshop)

Sanford Rosenberg and Stanley Krippner at International Association for the Study of Dreams conference, June 7, 2014

We live in the Digital Age – Google, YouTube, FaceBook, Gaming, Augmented Reality, Video on Demand. In the future, the goal is to make all movies, television programs, music, images of all kinds from the sublime to the pornographic, available to human beings of all cultures, religions, and language groups worldwide on demand on the Internet, all shows in all languages available for download 24/7.

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Here is a brief interview I did at the SES conference in San Francisco last year talking about the importance of social media, personalization or personal mythology and new forms of storytelling. The interview starts at 1:23. I hope to make it to this year’s conference.

Social Media Research

The way in which people create meaning and communicate on the Internet can be understood in the same way that individuals create personal mythologies for themselves.

The natural five-stage sequence around which the tasks and activities of the personal mythology model are organized can be easily summarized and applied to myth-making on the web.

1. Identify guiding myth

2. Generate alternative myths and find counter myth

3. Experience of mythic opposition/ thesis-antithesis

4. Emergence of new central myth

5. New mythos and reconciliation

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The message is: “If you don’t look inward, you will be left out.”
Jeremy Kagan, Filmmaker, director, educator at the Bioneers New-Tech Media Panel, Pioneer Conference, Marin County Fairgrounds, October 18, 2009



Digital media financing, production and distribution has been changed forever. These revolutionary changes impact all aspects of any type of media project in all media markets. These changes have and will change all aspects of every media-related business — all the way from concept to final sale. We can coach you on how to prepare your business for a bold new world.

Media Research Associates
provides a set of interrelated Media Business Coaching Services:

• Management Consulting and Executive Coaching
• Strategic Planning
• Creative Development
• Business Development
• Market Research and Evaluation
• Marketing and Distribution

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