Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

Virtual reality and Augmented reality

The new new old thing
by Sanford Rosenberg, PhD
Having recently attended the Silicon Valley Virtual Reality conference as well as the AR/VR conference and the Neurogaming conference, I can attest that AR and VR are hot.
Unfortunately, no one has resolved satisfactorily yet the dizzy/nauseousness problem, especially for women, interestingly enough, according to one report.
The emerging platforms, Oculus Rift, Sony, Samsung, all have improved features and a more comfortable form factor.  However beyond the almost arcade-like fun of the running and shooter games, I am not yet sure as to who the audience is for headsets and wearing them outside vid gamers.  Clearly Sony with its significant installed base of Playstations, reported 300 games in development, and its own proprietary headset, believes it has the edge.  Of course, Samsung is no slouch with its eye-gear and its arrangement with Google and the Android operating system. Naturally Facebook, with its purchase of Oculus Rift and its large user base, believes that the key to successful AR/VR implementation lies in social interactivity and game playing.
If you want to learn more about VR, this is a good current place to start…

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