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Dr. Sandford “Sandy” Rosenberg

Sanford Rosenberg, Ph.D. is the President of MRA. Dr. Rosenberg has twenty five years of experience in working with film, video, and emerging technologies. He has consulted on a variety of media projects including film, television, games, and the web. These have included B2B, C2B and C2C web-based projects. His particular focus has been on the issues of privacy, security, identity, community, and personalization on the Internet. Dr. Rosenberg specializes in qualitative knowledge-based research, examining the relationship between language, story, structure, symbol, image, emotion, and the user experience, in any media.

He has extensive background as an Executive Coach and in business development, particularly in the Entertainment industry. Dr. Rosenberg is also a licensed psychotherapist, as well as an educator, and researcher in the area of symbolic processes, social psychology, and Psychographics.

He is often called upon to lecture on topics ranging from the independent movie business to the structure of moving story, to archetypal psychology, media and the Self. Recently, he presented at the Digital Indies Conference on the Internet, Privacy, Intimacy, and Community.

Member of American Psychological Association, APA Division 46: The Society for Media Psychology and Technology, and Association for the Study of Sleep and Dreams.

He has also serves on a number of boards, and has acted as an advisor to both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Founding partner, Front Street Productions/Front Street Pictures, producer of six films including “We Don’t Live Here Anymore,” with Naomi Watts, Mark Ruffalo, Laura Dern, and Peter Krause, winner of the screenwriting award at Sundance and released by Warner Indies in the summer of 2004 and “The Deal,” with Selma Blair and Christian Slater, released in the summer of 2005.