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Media Coaching

Digital media financing, production and distribution has been changed forever. These revolutionary changes impact all aspects of any type of media project in all media markets. These changes have and will change all aspects of every media-related business — all the way from concept to final sale.

Our Media Business Coaching Services include:

• Management Consulting and Executive Coaching
• Strategic Planning
• Creative Development
• Business Development
• Market Research and Evaluation
• Marketing and Distribution

Recent dramatic changes in the availability of digital media and tools for making digital productions has had a revolutionary effect on all aspects of development, production and distribution any type of media project in all media markets. These changes have affected everything the music industry to the movie business, to video games. The availability of these tools has allowed many creative people to pursue their visions, much more aggressively. This explosion of the availability of digital technologies while putting professional tools in the hands of many more people has at the same time been accompanied by a reduction in the channels of distribution. For example, whereas a video game could be produced for $1 million, now major distributors are looking at spending $7 or 8 million. This creates great opportunities for independent media makers, as the explosion of Indies filmmaking has shown.

We can provide coaching services at any point in the development process, from evaluation of an original concept to business development for the sales and marketing of a project.

We have available access to a wide range of highly qualified companies and individuals with expertise, ranging from production management to making the deal. These services are customized to meet the needs of the independent media maker and the project. We have over twenty years of experience in working with independent filmmakers, game developers media companies, and web based businesses.

All media– films, television, games, etc.– now need to be looked upon as multi-platform investments, which allow producers to monetize their assests from a variety of distributions channels– web, television, theatrical, DVD, VOD, etc.

We will help you to establish the best approach to managing your project and helping it to find its audience from financiers to fans.