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Well folks dr media here , been tweeting and face booking not blogging but moved to post this .Nionebother than Vint Cerf from google alerting you to the fact that privacy is "an anomaly".If the governebt told you this you'd be thinking in 1984 or Matrix terms , but...

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The ways to turn your misery into a livelihood, a therapist offers tongue firmy in cheek useful hints on how to perfect your whining, good stuff., especially fir...

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Slated .com and indie financing

As indie film financing shifts to new studio models, amazon, app, apple, YouTube , netflicks, etc, now we have crowdfunding and a new curated model , slated .com.Not the 1st and certainly not to be the last .Will this new model provide more financing opportunities for...

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That gut feeling

This article offers an interesting view of the empirical foundations of the felt sense we have when we feel moved by a presentation or person or idea .Gendlin researched this idea many years ago and it has been foundational in my work .Now we have a scientific basis...

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Facebook loves you

The new Facebook mood reporter allows people to lie to themselves and others more directly now .Not only can they be deceptive about their appearance , career, car, age, etc. Now they can lie about their mood , it's getting more like real life everyday...

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