Dr Media says watch this space, if these early adopter experiments work, could be a lot more where this came from, one question , do you get a virtual grade, virtual credit, and will they take virtual money for tuition.

Harvard Extension Class on Virtual Law Offers Lectures in Second Life | Virtually Blind | Virtual Law

Harvard Extension Class on Virtual Law Offers Lectures in Second Life

Posted By Benjamin Duranske On November 17, 2007 @ 3:06 pm In Constitutional Law, Second Life, Virtual Law, Virtual Legal Education, Virtual Worlds & Games | 3 Comments

Harvard Extension Class Second LifeThe Harvard Extension School is running a course focused on virtual law with a Second Life component. Rebecca Nesson (’Rebecca Berkman’ in Second Life) is teaching the class. The lectures, which look fascinating, are available to at-large participants on Berkman Island (SLURL).

You can attend the lectures in Second Life on Monday evenings from 8:00-10:00pm EST (5:00-7:00pm SL time). Videos of past lectures are linked on the course’s web site, where you can also find the syllabus, a wiki, and more. The next class is on Monday, November 19th, and is entitled “The Boundaries of Code — Governance, and Law in Virtual Worlds.”

From the description for the November 19th class:

Now that we’ve all been convinced of the power of code to shape our environment, we examine the boundaries of that power. Today we’ll consider actions in virtual worlds that cannot easily be regulated by code even for those who are in control of the code as well as the questions of what input residents of virtual worlds should have into the control of the code itself.

Sadly, I missed the announcement for this when it started, and the class is now well underway. Better late than never. The class looks great, and I suspect many regular VB readers will want to attend the remaining lectures.

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