Hi Gang, for those of you who don’t buy the social media hype, or correctly wonder where this will go, this article offers some simple points to make you think.
I especially like the fact that a significant sign ups overseas are middle aged women. Lets think about why that’s the case.

Not an easy one to answer, of course, we could ask some of the women. Facebook has become the new aol for nongeeks. A facebook page is a point and click webpage for everyone who only wants to point click and share with their friends, real or imagined. Would be nice to have some real info from facebook users, wouldn’t it?

Five myths about Facebook
. Facebook is used mostly by college kids.

When Zuckerberg started Facebook in the spring of 2004, it was just for his classmates — but that chapter lasted only a matter of months. The site opened to students with e-mail addresses from other colleges later that year, to high schoolers in 2005 and to all adults in 2006. While Facebook’s base still skews young, about two-thirds of its 134 million American members are older than 26. Outside the United States, Facebook’s fastest growth has been among middle-age women.

In country after country, it has become so central to social life that if you are not on it — regardless of your age — you are probably not in very close contact with your friends. In my own research, for example, I have found that Facebook messaging is beginning to replace e-mail among the Italian educated elite and among businesspeople in Colombia. And in Indonesia, Facebook’s third-largest country, if you use the Internet you are almost certainly a member: Of the 30 million people online there, 27.8 million of them use Facebook.