Hi all, the growth of mobile is well known, whats interesting from a social psychological . and marketing , standpoint, is how different cultures will utilize mobile. Even the US is different from Europe, imagine what might happen when the 3rd world gets on board. Just think millions of Chinese and Indians, with smart phones changing the face of the usage patterns by adapting the technology to their cultures. Wait and see what they create!

Americans Love Social Nets; Europeans Text Happy: Survey — Datamation.com

For companies and developers looking to strike it rich with the next killer wireless app or social networking twist, comScore’s latest international mobile usage survey provides an interesting snapshot of the burgeoning mobile culture and the new business opportunities it promises.

According to the survey, Japanese smartphone users are the most connected and access the most applications on a daily basis. Europeans tend to send and receive the most text messages on their mobile devices and Americans are the most inclined to be on Facebook or sending out a tweet on Twitter.

Acknowledging these differences now in what’s still the very early and nascent days of the mobile media explosion is crucial for enterprise companies developing new marketing and advertising campaigns for mobile users. It’s also essential for determining what applications, devices and security tools they need to keep their workforce as efficient and secure as possible.

“Mobile media usage continues to accelerate across the globe, driven by advancing technologies and the growing number of content options available to consumers,” Mark Donovan, comScore’s senior vice president of mobile, said in the report. “As we look across markets, dramatic differences in mobile media consumption, brand adoption and user behavior become evident.