Hi Gang, so heres the end of reinventing oneself on line, and being reduced to only one persona, right!

People are going to stop concealing themselves, making up stories, lying, and being deceitful.
Do you really believe that?Do you really think that technology will solve this problem?
I have got some land in Florida for you!
Dr. Media

So Much for Reinventing Ourselves Online


“GREETINGS, Your Highness,” the message began. “I had the pleasure of dining in your kingdom last night.”
Before writing an article about a dating Web site, I’d signed up for it in order to vet its service. Once I was done writing about it, I left my profile up. (Newly single, I figured it couldn’t hurt to see what kind of excitement might turn up.)
Then, a slightly creepy note sailed into my in-box.
“Funny how two discrete online identities can so easily intersect by happenstance,” it read.
My digital admirer said he’d recognized me from a different site, Foursquare, the mobile social network that lets users broadcast their whereabouts to friends. It awards virtual mayorships to the most frequent patrons of bars and restaurants; I’d claimed the crown at a sushi restaurant. When my admirer checked into the joint with Foursquare, a notification declaring my status as mayor popped up, along with my photo and name.
Being contacted by a stranger didn’t alarm me; that’s part of the beauty of sites like Twitter and Facebook, which can help shape new relationships around common interests and friends. But the unexpected addition of romance threw me for a loop. I wasn’t sure how to proceed. Should I meet the man for a drink? I polled my friends.