Hi Gang,
Well aren’t we surprised. Here’s the top 3 , read the rest as well. The key ones, knowing where you go and tracking you, are the big ones.
Recently Facebook acknowledged, perhaps via arrogance–following the example of its founder-or naivete, ditto, the owner, whatever the reason, now you know.
And you know who else knows, other than every major corporation, the government.
Do you really think Facebook, Google, Twitter, et al, will say no to the Feds?
Well if they won’t say no to GE, or Madison Ave., why to the Feds Hmmm?
Think about it and then think about the implications.
Of course regular folks, can’t even figure out how to deal with their privacy setting on Facebook, or set the time on their VCR’s remember those.
This isn’t a bug its a feature, it means that since most are technologically illiterate and they think they are getting a free service so they can “talk to their friends”,
they give away their right to their own ideas.
Think someone will create the paid private facebook, called maybe, what “2faced”, wait maybe that’s what Facebook should be called, TwoFacedBook, seems appropriate doesn’t it?

1. “We were in the right place at the right time.”
2. “We know where you go online…”
3. “…and we hope you don’t mind being tracked offline, too.”

10 Things Facebook Won’t Say – SmartMoney.com