Hi Gang, so for all you film makers out there we have Dargis , informing us that indie film making is about passion, heart, and usual and interesting stories. While that isn’t news to people in the community, to the money people it is, why? Why even have to say Sundance is about more than money? Well it’s that old adage about the convergence of commerce and art, yes, but in the post digital age, it’s even more important to remember.
Movie making is about story telling, about , writing, directing acting, editing, all to tell a story. What’s a story, a different reality, a made up vision of a possible world,when well done, allows you to feel as if you have inhabited another life, another world.
Avatar, or Black Swan, The Fighter, or The Wrestler, all invite you into a different world all come from a human mind, and explore human ideals, and experiences.
Money follow meaning when it comes to movies. We knew that didn’t we, perhaps the suits will remember how they were once swept up in a story , in the dark, perhaps it will let them better understand the power of the film experience.
Dr Media says remember, movies, are, public dreams with private meanings.

Sundance Festival Thrives On More Than Just Money – NYTimes.com