Hi Gang,
Well you know I can’t pass this up. Norcal gives birth to chips, personal computers, the internet, search, social media, etc., all ideas rooted in values from the 60’s about giving everyone the means to express themselves, their views, values, music, videos, you name it . The medium is the message, or massage, as McLuhan said.
The meme which is inherent in the very nature of the technology, says the more people who learn to use it the more it changes because it is a malleable medium.
The young people who set the tone for this Egyptian putsch, were not only the educated elites, it was also the workers with cellphones, the 20 year olds on Facebook, twitter, broadcast yourself, YouTube, . Interesting that one of the ‘heroes’ is a Google exec. Clearly the circumstances for this moment were building for years, but these American inventions allow3ed for very american ideas to be acted upon. The rearguard action of despots will be swept away by the desire for freedom that is every humans birthright.
Remember the hackers cry, Information wants to be free, well. Freedom wants to be free even more.
Dr. Media

Egyptians and Tunisians Collaborated to Shake Arab History – NYTimes.com