Hi Gang, back from a very busy week at AFM in Sanat Monica, and covering Variety’s Future of Film Summit,  Many less buyers, but lots of sellers. Brisk biz. One interesting fact worthy of note,according to the LA times,  75% all films released in the US last year were Indie productions, up 50% from 2 years ago, quite a leap.The good news lots of cash around for indie movies, bad news , they need to be top notch. This is not bad news for those who have the next Kings Speech, or Black Swan, because they will have star attached. The low .no budget thrillers and c stuff still sells but for a lot less.

The big item, how will indie producers/direcors etc., get paid, in the futre with all the VOD and same day and date release deals being made.?

The transmedia space is starting to heat up as the realization begins to sink in that one dimensioinal projects have less of a chance of recoupment, than  projects aimed at multiple platforms.

Stay tuned for how this will impact stroytelling in all media.



Michael Rose: Indie Filmmakers Storm the Beach at American Film Market

The good news from the finance conference was that there is plenty of money available for quality projects like The King’s Speech and not just the blockbuster studio pictures. But the key is “you still have to make a good movie at the end of the day,” said Jared Underwood, Senior Vice President of Entertainment at Comerica Bank.