All tv is inherently social tv.Why, because it essential to a show that people talk about it, share it, in order for it to be successful .
The technology just makes gossip easier, sharing about tv shows–as Oprah can attest to–is gossiping.
The virtual back fence , water cooler, local pub, for a topic , show, to get traction people need to share their opinions about it.
Kids, moms, Dads, the show lives in the minds and emotions of its fans, not on the tube.
Emotional sharing produces likes, and dislikes, influences feelings and advertising.
Personal mythology connects the individual to social myth via sharing about media.
see my paper on. Social media on my website : Facebook and Twitter, Meet NBC, Fox and Bravo: 2012 Will be the Year of Social TV

Forget about the age of must-see television, 2012 will be the year of must-tweet TV.

Networks large and small are using social media to engage second-screen viewers like never before. A few of the most high-profile recent examples include:

>> Monday, Fox News used Twitter to measure viewer reaction to its GOP debate and encourage online interaction based on the candidates’ answers.

>>NBC partnered with Facebook for its “Meet the Press” debate Jan. 8.

>>VH1 offered a four-hour live stream of analysis during its Critics’ Choice Movie Awards broadcast last week.

“Particularly over the last year, we’ve seen social media grow from just being the latest shiny new toy to being a really powerful tool that is integral to gathering news and telling stories,” Ryan Osborn, senior director of digital media for NBC News, told TheWrap.

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