Pew study begins to look at crucial quality if life issues.
How do people inhabit social networks.
Issues of intimacy , trust, caring, integrity , etc. Emotional impacts need examined More than databases are relational.

The tone of life on social networking sites
by Lee Rainie, Amanda Lenhart

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The overall social and emotional climate of social networking sites (SNS) is a very positive one where adult users get personal rewards and satisfactions at far higher levels than they encounter anti-social people or have ill consequences from their encounters. A nationally representative phone survey of American adults finds that:

85% of SNS-using adults say that their experience on the sites is that people are mostly kind, compared with 5% who say people they observe on the sites are mostly unkind and another 5% who say their answer depends on the situation.
68% of SNS users said they had an experience that made them feel good about themselves.
61% had experiences that made them feel closer to another person. (Many said they had both experiences.)

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