Hi Gang,
Well finally the times , who tracks everything, publishes a rather weak article explaining how everyone else is tracking everything. Think about it everything that you read, touch, visit, say, post, delete all saved for posterity by your ISP, Google, Facebook, etc. All cross referenced, as a way of determining your likes and dislikes. Hmm, how far does this go, political, religious, tastes, sexual preferences, where is the boundary and who sets the rules? congress, the Govt, private companies at the moment , that’s who. Is Google evil, well, ask yourself if you mind your private info being shared with eavesdroppers you don’t know hired by private companies, to determine your personal tastes so they can track your interests without asking you.
How would you like it if your Boss, or ex did this, or the IRS, or someone you owe money, but wait, they can do this already oops. Welcome to the real Matrix

How to Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet – NYTimes.com:

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