Hi Gang here’s a article by Finke at deadline.com, which states clearly the state of the creative types in Hollywood .
I can confirm this from my interviews with award winning writer/directors .
Indie production is becoming the rule not the exception .
Let’s follow indiegogo , etc, crowdfunding , aol, apple, amazon, netflicks, all new studios for lower budget high quality films which studios won’t touch .
With 3b people on line, 24/7, all on vod, content will really be king, good quality content in a transmedia world.
Stay tuned!


WGA Screenwriter Survey: Scripters’ Status “Significantly Deteriorated”
BY NIKKI FINKE | Tuesday July 24, 2012 @ 2:39pm PDT
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EXCLUSIVE… FINDINGS INCLUDED: The major findings of the newly released 2011 WGA Screenwriter Survey (click here for full report) are that “screenwriters believe their status in the industry has significantly deteriorated over the past several years. The most flagrant studio practices contributing to this decline, ranked in order of frequency, are: free rewrites, sweepstakes pitching or bake-offs, late payment, free prewrites, and idea theft.” The Writers Guild findings included:

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