Hi all, been a while I keep posting on LinkedIn and Facebook as well as tweeting but I thoght I’d try this, although tumblr is next.
This article outlines what I’ve been preaching for years which is the need for transmedia projects as the future of media making.Indie movies of high quality and schlock movies will always have a place to go but the budgets will be lower because VOD which where everything will go , won’t pay as much.
See Fruitvale Station as an example  of an indie film which got made and will do some business.
The money, the money is in silliwood which is not what is discussed here. This is not an either or but a both and situation. People want scripted entertainment, silicon valley creates platform, ni=ot stories, its stories that sell, that requires writers not MBA’s.
Stay tuned for the new creativity revolution.Silliwood 1.0.

Disruptions: Hollywood, or Silicon Valley: Where’s the Money? – NYTimes.com:

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